Safety_RockNoble Boats are built to withstand the harshest of environments. This does not mean they have to be taken out in the wildest conditions, but it does mean that you will get home safely if you are caught out in the roughest of seas. Construction using the latest technology also ensures that our plate aluminium boats are soft riding while moving, providing a fantastic ride, safe and controlled turning with excellent stability at rest, providing a safe platform for any activity on board.

Some of the safety measures of Noble Boats include:

  • 5mm marine grade plate hull structure (4mm on the 5.2 metre boats).
  • Full depth girders no more than 300mm apart, making them very strong in comparison to other methods of construction.
  • The floor is self draining through sides and middle transom scuppers.
  • There are separate chambers for fuel and storage.
  • Stylishly rounded corners throughout the vessel to ensure safety to passengers.

These many safety measures ensure an unsurpassed level of safety, in cutting edge plate aluminium boats.